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There are special places on this earth. Ones that nourish the soul. Console the heart. Inspire the mind. Callaway Gardens Living is such a place.

For more than 50 years, visitors have come to this woodland garden and have been greeted by a bounty of natural beauty and outdoor recreation. The incredible landscape that we enjoy today is the result of the vision of Cason J. and Virginia Hand Callaway to steward this land. By reclaiming worn out farmland and reshaping it with cool lakes, fragrant flowers, and towering trees, the Callaways created one of the great naturalenvironments of Georgia. An environment that we now invite you to call home.

The inspiration of Callaway Gardens. Yours for a lifetime. Your new home can’t be measured simply in square feet. It includes all 13,000 acres of Callaway Gardens—an incredible setting filled with unsurpassed beauty and world-class resort amenities. And to complement and preserve this special landscape, all homes will be EarthCraft House™ Premium Certified, following the highest level of sustainable building practices. If you, like the Callaways more than 70 years ago, feel this land beckoning you to relax, renew, and reconnect with your surroundings, come claim your place in Callaway Gardens. It’s great to enjoy nature. It’s even better to live in it.

The Callaway Gardens community. The fulfillment of a dream. Cason J. Callaway’s original vision for this land was to create a place where his friends could live and enjoy outdoor recreation. That vision has now come full circle with the communities of Callaway Gardens, which are supplying the catalyst to reclaim the land once again and provide an example of sustainable living for future generations.

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The Story of Callaway Gardens

The Story of Callaway Gardens

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